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Challenge #2 Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, or Depression

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #2

Welcome to the 2nd Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge!

🥵 Fear is a really interesting emotion…it’s the emotion that propels us, but so many people use it to paralyze themselves, without even consciously noticing.


🤯 Our brains were invented to protect us from harm. Think about it. You see what I mean?

Even if someone just walks into a room, our brains look and get on alert. What you do with the information your eyes, nose and brain send you is totally up to you.


☢️ The fear reflex is working when you’re in certain levels of sleep, AND when you’re awake.


Today’s Crushing it Challenge is designed to change your perspective, and give you a little more self-awareness between your body and your brain.

✈️ Do you stop from the fear response, or do you thank it, and then use it as jet fuel?

Please post your epiphanies in our private AskLouology Facebook group, and let’s talk about it!
That’s also where our challenges are posted if you want to revisit any!

Get it done! I’ll be back very soon with the next challenge!


See you soon!

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