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We’ve been “around the block” and cherish relationships with the best-priced and best-quality product and service providers who cater to our industry specifically. Our goal is to connect you with the best experts who truly have your back AND who make success and life easier for you.

Take advantage of our decades of “wisdom building”.
Lou will tell you what we mean!

BTW – If you know of an organization that has helped improve your business and your life by leaps and bounds please let us know!

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The company was founded by Lou Silberman. Lou has been in the beauty and medical aesthetics business for decades, (since 1997 and he still looks fabulous), and has a stellar reputation.

We launched Louology as a spinoff on the heels of a group of market-leading aesthetic and beauty organizations with significant goodwill, momentum and with quite a large niche following in the millions.

Louology was created as a result of tens of thousands of special requests from medical aesthetics trade school students, partners, professionals in the industry, and clients from all of our aesthetic and beauty ventures.

Our videos are specifically designed for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in our industry. We act as a source of inspiration, and a source of tactical answers that helps streamline their decision making down the best paths possible.

Our membership-based, on-demand video library for professional education and inspiration has very long term, ongoing exposure.

Our demo and samples library is available on public Louology webpages and cross-posted through our social media, and across NLI and other targeted groups.

Insider promotions and special sessions through our members.

Teasers used on our public web pages and social pages.

As educational content at our live events.

As educational content during public speaking opportunities.

Live and recorded zoom interview features with you and your team, including screenshares.

Louology is hyper passionate about serving the aesthetics and beauty professionals we’ve trained, educated, and captivated over the decades. We’ve achieved this through all of the best choices of communications, strategic partnerships, our on-demand video libraries, online interactions, live events, and who knows what else we’ll innovate and implement!

We keep our recommendations and our content high-integrity, very appreciated tactical advice, and non-commercial. If we work together with you as a sponsor, we thank you so much! Also know we only partner with organizations who align with our values and philosophies of being fully committed to our clients’ happiness, enrichment, and success.

Sponsorship with Louology is not about hawking products or counting your clicks. It’s about trusting us to create visual communications and insightful content with you and for you, and distributing it in a way that helps everyone experience geometric growth by brining true value to our community of professionals. We care about education and optimizing outcomes for all…in our “special sauce” fashion.

We want to stay appreciated and trusted, we want YOU to stay appreciated and trusted, and we want to keep growing with you!

We sift through all the options to surface the best technology choices for your aesthetics practice or to automate your medspa.

We’re big fans of the ROI that comes from professionalizing your email and from having a beautiful brand and website.

…and to have your branding look-feel spill through to all your social platforms, your print materials, and for you to live up to your brand’s quality!

Here’s where you can get your domains, your website, upgrade your email, automate your medspa or aesthetics practice…

🎬In some cases we include videos in our technology recommendations so you start it out right!

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