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The industry’s top choice of mentors, resources, paralegal services, and creative agency for medspa and aesthetics practice founders

Aesthetics and medspa startup guidance

Logo and website design

Paralegal services

Practice software and automation

Graphic Design and technical support

Marketing services


Put your knowledge into practice with step-by-step guidance, reflection exercises, & must-do checklists to fast track your success.

Lou’s free monthly mentor session & the monthly Inner Circle Live Q&A connect you with industry pros & gets your questions answered on-the-spot!

We can design your logo, build you a website, get all your tech working, &/or help you with marketing updates every month – all the essentials!

FREE Live Crushing it in Aesthetics expert interview series with Lou Silberman

In-depth interviews with Lou Silberman and aesthetics and medspa industry experts to answer our members’ most frequently asked q’s. Listen on Spotify!

Inner Circle members can access aesthetics practice sample forms, contracts, treatment paperwork, jumpstart guides, training videos, and more!

Our partner Phyllis Cummings has everything required to set up your practice for success – and will be your security blanket for the long haul.

Louology Inner Circle members can access our online courses to learn how to thrive with inside tips & techniques to grow your aesthetics practice.


Automate your entire aesthetics practice from head-to-toe, in the most cost-effective way with our software solution – and do it with mentors!

start or rebuild your practice the right way, without wasting a penny!

keep growing,
& earning!

Learn marketing strategies, proven approaches, how to automate, and how to supercharge your success in the aesthetics and beauty industry.

plus, we’ll keep you connected with the best of the best!

Attract the best clients!

Offer those procedures!

get Those

Sell those

Negotiate the
best deals!

Stay hyper

Being a member of LOUOLOGY & Revelana has quickly proven itself to be an invaluable resource. Working with Erika, one on one for branding and marketing through the Revelana program is the most inspirational, educational fun you’ll have. I’m super pumped, and looking forward to MORE!

Tonya Harrison

Great session. I enjoyed being able to ask questions and meet others. This was a perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

Derek Gene Dicamillo

“This has been so inspiring and directional to help me set and achieve goals, and I see what you mean by the power behind driving goals a little at a time. Now I’m going to go learn how to write proposals to potential investors. Thank you Louology!”

Kim H.

“I love Louology! I can watch the same lessons over and over, not get bored, and learn something new every time. Plus, some of them really got me motivated and I’m not afraid to try new things.”

Alyson T.

“I have such great information about getting my aesthetics career started. I was scared and confused but feel super confident now!”

Anna Z.

“I’m starting my own business, and this will help. It’s good and informative.”

Xyrene C.

“The mindset related lessons are really touching home with me. In in a lot of those predicaments myself. Every business owenr needs a Lou in their corner! Thank you for your encoraging words, your motivation and passion to see others succeed!”

Bridgette H.

“I love Louology! I love everything about them, the videos – so much value every time!”


Hollie H

Louology Memberships

Basic Insider Access

  • Limited course access
  • Invites to special events
  • Full access to success guides
  • Crushing It In Aesthetics podcast
  • Mini-Crushing It In Aesthetics challenge
  • Monthly Zoom with Lou mentor sessions

Cost: Free

Inner Circle Full Access

  • Everything free members get!
  • Unlimited video course access
  • Access to Medical Director(y)
  • Inner Circle resources library
  • Members-only monthly live Q&A
  • Free access to special events
  • Crushing it in Aesthetics challenge rewards
  • Marketing strategy trainings
  • Insider partner specials

Cost: 99/year

Get full access & guidance for life

Don’t you wish there was a ridiculously affordable all-in-one software system made specifically for aesthetics practices?

Surprise! There is! Automate your entire aesthetics practice – everything from your client experience to your marketing.

meet lou

Lou Silberman

Founder & President
“The Beauty Biz Guru”

Lou built the #1 cosmetic laser and cosmetic injection training center in the nation, and has sustained market leadership for decades through his unique approach to marketing, culture building, and mindset training.

Year after year, Lou has actively inspired and helped countless investors, beauty, and aesthetic practitioners dominate as leaders in their markets too!

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