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Challenge #14 PPC Marketing, Writing Ads, Learning How To Automate

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #14

Wow! It’s been a wild ride! You ready for my last Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge?

I can’t tell you how many medspa owners I talk to who tell me how shocked they are at how much time it takes them to keep track of following up with people, scheduling, AND keeping them feeling loved, getting referrals, and getting them back.


This is exactly why I created Revelana! I thought…how could I build a system that doesn’t cost a fortune that gets a practice owner:
☝️a beautiful website that works magic for them,
✌️AND has all the automations they need built in
🤟PLUS, all the imagery, automations and articulations are specific to beauty and aesthetics


There was nothing out there, so I made it for you, and we’re:
☝️keeping the systems reasonably priced
✌️we’re offering the most highly requested services that also include 1:1 mentor sessions
🤟we’re keeping all the services reasonably priced and adding more based on your requests

⚙️ Over my decades of being a founder and CEO in our biz, I’ve been spending A FORTUNE on all the different software systems needed, and none of them tie into websites and social platforms in any meaningful way!


🛠️I want my website and social working for me, and when someone reaches out, I want them logged into my CRM, and I want my system automatically emailing or texting them with some love…and booking and confirming appointments for me!


The problem is, I didn’t really know what I needed when I opened up shop. I learned as I went, and my systems turned into a series of band aids.


I also started doing paid advertising, and as business picked up, we wasted gobs of money because we weren’t set up right to capture their “click”, or manage their calls just right.



It just happens to have everything built into one system.

👂Please let me know what you think!

That should have given you an idea of all the pieces of your biz worth automating.

🤗Plus, your websites should tie right in and sell for you, not just act like an online brochure!
We call it a “Smart” website.

Every system I’ve either used or evaluated –
1. pales in comparison to Revelana
2. costs A LOT more…thousands, not hundreds!

🤔Then, think about the pieces you really need to start.
Look at what you can get by without, and what other things will cost.
Keep it simple!
📜Write it down and get it done!

🏆You wondering about your prize?

🏋️‍♀️Mention you completed the challenge and we can get you on the Revelana Fast Track Package at $97/month and $450 one time setup fee.

💪The second you tell us you’re ready for the full blown Revelana system, we set it all up for you at no additional charge! ($1250 value!)

🎨You get 2 1:1 mentor sessions with us

You get a fully beautifully designed and professionally written SMART Revelana Website (priceless!)

FREE logo design and branding ($350 value!)

Free domains and Google workspace setup ($450 value)

That’s a TON of work! 

When you’re ready for the full blown Revelana system we set you up EVERYTHING for you at no additional charge!

That’s a $1250 value! .

You also get a free Loume’ Gift Pack filled with the entire product line! (for you, for you to sell in your spa).

🧐💪🤸Hope you loved the challenge and feel smarter, stronger, and even more excited now too!!

😮Keep scaring yourself!

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