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Challenge #12 Learn How to Create a Lean Business Plan

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #12

Welcome to my 12th Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge!

🎬 Watch this two-part series, and make sure you really pay attention, and notice how everything we’ve asked you to do so far in the challenge ties right in!

🎯Also, notice we have a Lean Business Plan in our Resources section of the Louology website, along with things like sample medical director contracts.


Please let me know if you need anything else there!!!


❣️But you’ll love this!


It makes it more fun and easy to put the pieces together:
Definitely get your paws into this Success Guide:

💡”Lean stands for “super simple”.
Keep it simple and you’ll win!


Our next challenge is about building an audience and keeping it…and about creative ways of hiring help, and attracting the best people around you!👫


e-see you soon!

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