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Challenge #1 Point of Difference, Becoming a Starter

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #1


The funny thing is, the challenge actually started a couple days ago when we taught you how to whitelist my email address and others! Get to it if you didn’t!

🎬Learn how to whitelist anyone in less than 1 minute!!

Remember, it’s a good skill to know in general, especially if your clients’ emails ever start landing anywhere other than your precious inbox!)

Then, post your point of difference in my AskLouology private Facebook group so I see it, and let’s talk about it! This is also where our challenges are posted in case you want to revisit them.

This challenge is so incredibly important for EVERYTHING downstream in your career!
🔮Clarity and 🎯focus about your magic and connecting your magic to the world in just the right way is your key to success!


BTW!!! After you go to the first time and login, if you choose to save your login info, it automatically lets you right in!


If you ever land on the memberships signup page, it means you just need to login to the site!


🤭I’m sharing this because this happened to me once…I didn’t figure it out on my own. LOL.


Get this challenge done! The next challenge is coming in 3 days!

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