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How to Create Amazing Days

No matter what the day brings me, I always enjoy waking up, doing my morning routine, and getting to work. People always ask me, “How you you do it Lou? I always think, “Do what?🤔 This is regular life for me and I love it because it’s what I’m supposed to be doing!”

When you truly find your “what” and your “why”, magic energy levels just kick in. Okay…maybe you have to eat right, sleep and exercise every day too…but I’m sure you get the idea!

Life is just like school. If you like a subject and the teacher, you breeze through the class, NP. In this case, you’re the one choosing the classes and the people you have around you teaching you or fueling your purpose.

BTW, you’re also choosing the recipients of your purpose, so make them good! (Make them happy and beautiful and everything rocks from there.)🚀

If you’re feeling the least bit sad or burnt out, always step back and think about EXACTLY WHAT ADJUSTMENTS YOU NEED TO MAKE!

Remember what I always say, “It’s all you boo. You’re in the driver’s seat”.🏎️ EVERY thought of yours causes a chemical reaction! While things do just happen every day, you decide what to do and how to think and feel about them. What are you going to decide to do today that’s a little different that’s devoted to your happiness and good energy for the day?👏 Decide and commit to a fun “mental reset” and see what happens!

BTW, Be sure to visit our Our Louology Hub as a place to get oriented and start.

It’ll act as your Compass 🧭 through all we got to give!

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