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What’s in a Brand? For Pros and Business Owners

Times have changed!

If you have no personal and professional branding, or have outdated branding – or if you’re a little burned out – you’ll like this email!

The time is now, if you want to do well, really well, you need a mental and visual refresh, and I’ll tell you why-

I thought I was all set with my branding gosh darn it!
I have a multi-million dollar, market-leading aesthetics training institute and thought “this is it!”


The brand is National Laser Institute,
-but we’re International
-we’re the top training institute for laser techs
-but we’ve been training nurse injectors, and far more than laser technologies!😮

We have an established brand, but we’ve expanded far beyond our 1st birthday.
What do we do?

There are parallels between my dilemma and yours:)
You’re a different person with different goals and dreams than when you were a kid.

Especially if you’ve made a career change, how do you get “your world” to come along for your ride?🚀

We’re in a VERY “personal-relationships” business.
The more people you know, and the more people who love (and trust) you, the better you’ll do!

Your professional success in our business usually requires you to tap into your friends and family at blastoff time.

Some may know you as the irresponsible party animal, or the clumsy kid…or the accountant turned aesthetician:)

Trust me, when you put the time into a branding process, whether it’s for you as an individual or a business, it’ll blow your mind what happens!

When you do it right, everything becomes more clear to you, and more official to you and everyone you touch.🎯

I want to encourage you to put yourself through this process. I’m in the process of this right now and this success guide helps A TON!!!!

This process helps you clear your head, reflect on what you love and what you want to stand for, and it makes you a beautiful new toy for your target market to play with:)

I promise you, you’ll get something profound out of every video course we have, and you’ll have fun while you learn.

Please consider investing in yourself, keep having fun, learning, and growing with us for less than the price of a manicure:) I really want to help you!!!

🎬Get in our library and soak it in! Here’s all our links 
That’s a great place to start. It’s proven to make a difference, and the videos are fun.

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