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What It Really Takes To Open A Medspa

No matter who you are and what you’re doing, I think you’ll like knowing this, and it’ll help you with your career growth going forward! Whether you want to open and own a medspa or work for a medspa or aesthetics practice, you always want to make sure the practice has all the fundamental pieces in place.

No matter how you slice it, these pieces can make or break your success.👂

You need these essentials for marketing and you need these things for client retention and to get warm referrals flowing!

“Client marketing and logistics” include things like appointment setting, a basic website, email marketing system, texting system, phone marketing system, and a customer database (CRM) that keeps everything organized!

As a practitioner, you’re going to want to make sure whomever you work for has these pieces in place for you.

As an owner, you’ll attract better practitioners if you have your act together.🦆🐤🐤🐤

You’re also going to want to establish whether each practitioner is responsible for their own ops and marketing, or if the practice is going to take on the operations and marketing burden.📈

🔥This way, the practitioners can stay focused on their magic.

All practices are very different.

All compensation packages are crafted differently.

Know what you want and make sure the systems and comp structures match your needs and wants!

I’ve automated and created a healthy handful of aesthetics treatment, aesthetics training and products businesses, and they’re all very different!

It’s funny! The basics are identical though! 

YOU ALWAYS need to make sure you have your ducks in a row, and know we are artists.🦆🐤🐤🐤

Sometimes artists love logistics and marketing, sometimes we don’t!

What you structure is what you attract.
If you want artists who are also drivers, go for it!

If you’re an artist and/or driver, go for it!🏎️

Reflect on your vision, “know thyself”, and match the infrastructure up with the right personalities and professionals and you’re golden!💰

If you’re interested in working for a practice, make sure you ask these types of questions!

In some cases you’re expected to market and fill your chair/treatment table, and sometimes you’re not.

Also, if you’re curious about opening your own practice, or expanding what you have, please consider watching the video courses that apply to both scenarios:

“First Steps to Opening a Medspa”

and part II “Logistics of Opening a Medspa”

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