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How Do You Create An Amazing Client Experience?

One of the biggest things a lot of aesthetics and medical professionals forget is that the client experience more often starts online.


We’ve talked about your Louology professional profile – keeping that clean and keeping it standing-out…especially if you don’t have a website!

Clients want to know who and what they’re getting into.

It’s important for you to make sure that whatever you’re presenting online matches what they see and feel when they get in your door, or get your products.

It’s also important for the prospect or client to get the feeling you’re well-organized.

Make sure you have an easy-to-use client-facing appointment booking system in place before you do any marketing blasts! (We have ideas for you if you don’t!)🗓️

Also, you’re going to want to make sure you can stay responsive to questions and requests somehow.💬

Social algorithms (and humans) rate you on response-time. It’s just good to make this a habit.⌛

Once they’re in the door, make sure they’re greeted by you or someone VERY FRIENDLY and energetic!😄

This is incredibly important!

Subway, Chipotle, and of course, some of the best restaurants in the world do this.

In many cases, they do their best to know your name and your preferences when they greet you!

Your client enters the doors and is treated like a precious gem.💎

Whenever possible, assign a competent, lovable person to cover the business-end of the visit and the money. This also helps you avoid talking money with the client if you’re the one treating them.

Make sure that client needs and treatment information is passed along to whoever is treating that client with clarity!🎤

This way,  you know clearly why the client is there and what stage they are in the sales pipeline!🌡️ 

Hopefully they’re “sold” so you don’t have to consult-sell.

For instance, there’s a chance they are “sold” and ready to be treated (or get their products), but sometimes they need a bit more information or assurance to be “sold”.

My point is, never assume they walk in needing to be “sold”, and never assume they’re “sold” and you don’t need to “sell” them a bit more.

I’m putting “sold” in quotes because this means they need information and they need to trust you; it’s the point to which they’re committed to your performing your magic.🌟

They can get annoyed if they’re ready but you back up and “sell” them.

Ask orientation questions to get a feel for where they are in the pipeline, and if they have any deadlines like a wedding, special event, or trip somewhere.🏝️

Whether they are sold or not, know what stage they’re in, and consult with them as the pro.

Get to know their expectations and goals for the treatment, and if they’re a newbie or familiar with the treatment.

Those types of basics are VITAL to a great client experience.

There’s SO much more than this, but this is good for one email, right?

Our “How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience” course goes into a heck of a lot more!

I hope you’re enjoying the tips, and I hope some of these insights make all the difference!

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