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Serving thousands of members who are aesthetics professionals and medspa owners:

monthly live, interactive, industry-specific Q&A mentor sessions with Lou

a robust video library, and Crushing It subject matter expert (SME) Zoom interviews

a plethora of digital documents, articles, and resources for aesthetics practices

Revelana, an all-in-one client automation and marketing automation software system (SaaS)

Our expert interviews are 30-45 minute, topic-specific, and pre-recorded Zoom interviews with our chosen SME – and Lou Silberman.

The process and results include:

A spotlight on the expert as a trusted professional resource

A set of pre-planned and uniquely tailored questions

15-30 minutes of a professionally edited expert interview

A special offer for our members, please

We use these expert interviews across many channels, including:

Small clips to attract desired attention and referrals

Impressive exposure through our social channels (Louology and Lou Silberman’s)

Ongoing (evergreen) and appreciated exposure in our resources library

Ongoing promotion and implied endorsement through our live and digital activities

If you’re an expert serving our field, we’d like to interview you!

Tell us about you and your areas of expertise:

If you’d like added exposure, we treasure our sponsors, but it’s absolutely not required!

This is an overview of all our links - all Louology has go to give!
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