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3, 2, 1, It’s time!

Let’s skyrocket together!

Leverage National Laser Institute’s (NLI) decades of market-leadership as a medical cosmetic training institute. Lou and his team are adored and trusted by hundreds of thousands of professionals in the industry.

Louology (very uniquely) extends these relationships beyond graduation – mentoring professionals setting up their own medspas via video learning, Crushing It Expert Interviews and live monthly Zoom mentor sessions.

They keep asking about your services, that’s why we want you in!

Louology is the only professional training and development organization committed to growing the success of new and established aesthetics, medical, and beauty professionals for the life of their careers.

Similar to the energetic teaching style of NLI, Louology and our sponsors/supporters are offering visually fun and high-quality guidance, industry insights, and enrichment that keeps everyone coming back for more.

We would love for you
to reap the win-win-win
benefits as a sponsor.

Significant resources are being invested into leveraging NLI’s existing reach and presence, as well as YOURS as we target and enrich every professional in our industry. 

Reinforce your brand with our niche audience of aesthetics, medical, and beauty professionals, every day.

Stay known for helping us bring continuous enrichment-value to their personal and professional growth!

Be an invaluable part of FABCON!


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