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Service Experience Magic

In this article, I’m going to share with you the service strategies that my cosmetic laser and medical aesthetic training company uses to ensure we knock it out of the ballpark for each and every client. By implementing these pro tips, not only will you potentially gain a reputation for superior service in your industry but also draw in the best-of-the-best clientele—and who doesn’t want that?

Creating a Welcoming Space

The front desk is the first—and last—impression your client will have of your brand so it’s imperative to WOW them with your entrance. When planning your space, think about it before you spend any money: are you wanting something tranquil? High energy? Hipster? Sterile and medically professional? Elite and exclusive? You want to be sure that people truly understand your message and how you are different from everyone else.

Sometimes, something as simple as upgrading your treatment room, lobby, bathrooms, etc. can do wonders for first impressions—but also for the staff’s sense of pride and how they present themselves to clients. I’ve seen that exact thing happen in my own company. After our recent renovation, we were the same company, with the same staff, products and services but everyone suddenly had a bounce in their step because it became such an inspiring place in which to work. It made what we spent on renovation worth every penny!

Envision all the desired details, whether it’s great lighting, textured walls, natural stone, soothing fountains—create a realistic budget and if you’re not someone who is very creative in interior design, find someone who is (even if it’s a design student in training, it will be an intelligent investment).

Front Desk Staff

The best front desk staff don’t simply greet clients—they also act as a precious connection to marketing feedback, advertising announcements and growth ideas. Nine times out of ten it’s attention to detail and communication strategies that create a five-star customer experience and keep them coming back for more. Hands-down, personality is the most important trait for anyone you bring into your business—especially at the front desk. Always hire a 10/10 in personality versus a 10/10 in experience. You can train your staff the skills needed to do their jobs but you cannot train them to have an engaging personality.

What are some personality traits to look for?

  • Someone who demonstrates natural friendliness and has a “smile resting face” (smiling when no one is looking); they make you fall in love at “hello”
  • Someone who is attentive to detail, anticipates needs and always goes “above and beyond”
  • Someone who can easily multi-task, as there is a lot going on at a front desk
  • Someone who shows discretion, professionalism and doesn’t gossip (gossip at a front desk spreads like a bad cold)
  • Somesone who is a team player and proactive helper

Adding in Technology

When technology works in your favor, it can significantly enhance the client experience but when it doesn’t—oh boy. Think about it: most aesthetic businesses today (large or small) have some type of Customer Relationship Management System (CRMs) that organize marketing (including emails and texts), as well as software that manages social media platforms, scheduling, treatment plans and billing. It’s essential that these systems tie together so that you always know everything possible about your client when she/he walks in the door.

Stay open to new technology and hire someone to manage it every single day (if a full-time employee isn’t in the budget, find an experienced freelancer). This will take pressure off your staff, help them to focus on building relationships with clients and overall, create smoother transactions, every time.


Like many things in business—there is no “one thing” that ensures each client experiences magic in your hands. But surrounding yourself with positive “can do” people, being passionate about details and staying committed to new ideas, services and technology will keep you on track for an elevated client service experience. Love what you do and do what you love.

Louis “The Laser Guy’s” Three Additional Tips for Crafting Service Experience Magic:

  1. Create a vocabulary for your team members that reflects your brand—for example, train staff to use positive phrases such as “I’d be happy to check on that for you” or “Absolutely.” If they must break bad news to a client, soften the blow with a compliment first, then offer an immediate resolution. If you have to get back to them, do so as quickly as possible.
  2. Always voice gratitude for client feedback, no matter how it was delivered.
  3. When you see other staff members providing excellent customer service, compliment them afterwards on a job well done.

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