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Free Mini Challenge 1

Crushing it in Aesthetics Mini Challenge

Challenge #1

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I’m not kidding when I say our “Louology mini-challenge” is the best and most enjoyable way for you to ramp up your success in aesthetics!

🔥Actually, it’s the best way for you to ramp up your success in any business, and in life!


We call it “mini” because we’re going to bring you through mini-baby steps to get you better oriented, and in an effort to lead you to feeling more clarity and confidence about this chapter of your life…


BTW, you can get through this at your own pace, but we encourage you to not be a wimp about this, and to exercise your “time to toughen up” muscles!💪


Actively leaning into your fears or excuses and driving your “to-do’s” toward your dream is an extraordinary talent to start building, right now!


Even if you’re naturally very tough and very disciplined, even this “mini-challenge” can potentially tone those habits up a notch!🏋️‍♀️


No matter how you slice it, we’re feeding you the basics from our experiences – and whatever you do with it – it’s up to you to make your inner birdie fly!🐤



Watch the first free video “The Art of Becoming a Starter” and reflect on what you want for yourself this year!

Are you trying to grow your business?
Or are you just looking for new ideas?
Maybe you need help with marketing?
You want to be an invaluable medspa employee?
Or you don’t have a clear strategy?
Are you just trying to learn new skills?
You want to make a boatload of money by honing in on your magic?
Are you struggling with something I can help you with?

💪Please get this done ASAP, and have fun learning and reflecting – and keep an eye out for my next email in 3 days with what’s next in your mini-challenge!
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