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Free Mini Challenge 4

Crushing it in Aesthetics Mini Challenge

Challenge #4

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You ready to find your future you and start living up to that “wow, that’s me”!?


Whether you practice aesthetics as an employee, want to own your own practice, or, you do run your own medspa…
Do you have a professional identity you love?
Does your brand actively fuel the fire in your belly?


No matter what, it’s very well-worth reflecting on your branding, professionalizing it, AND professionalizing your clients’ experience of you!


Your branding is so much more than you may think.


We all have “imposter syndrome” and matter what, if you have a brand identity… even as an employee… it keeps your quality, your decision-making, and your motivation, alive and thriving.


Consider investing in a real branding process!


I think branding is so critical to your success, we offer a branding service at Louology and Revelana, at a very small flat fee.
This includes some precious 1:1 mentor time too!
It’s in the About area of our website.


🧲I’m serious when I say, branding done right should naturally keep you excited, and excite your ideal clients into buying and staying loyal!


✌️The very last mini-challenge!

Think about how you can improve your online profiles, and your client experience.


📈Even if you’re an employee…you should be actively contributing to better ways of saying things, managing things, how it looks, and anything that can bring more revenue in.


🎁If you completed this mini-challenge, and you need Revelana, mention this, and we’ll throw in free branding!


That’s it for the mini-challenge.😮
You ready to keep learning and growing the fun way?


📣For a limited time, if you get in on the official Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge, this one-time $69.95 also gets you Full Access & Mentor Support status for life!


I sincerely hope you appreciate it!
I know I love mentoring motivated aesthetics pros!


🚀Let’s keep your momentum flowing!

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