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How Do You Attract Your Dream Clients? NOT Groupon!

They say they tried Groupon and got a huge response -but it attracted the worst clients ever.😟

The Groupon clients typically disappear after they snatch up their deal of a lifetime.

Then, you take a loss, and never see them again.

They may show up again if you do it again!

These are typically clients who are not loyal.

They’re “deal hoppers”.

You’re better off clearly defining your unique value and marketing a much different way!

My favorite way to market is a certain type of Guerilla way, and through warm referrals.🦍

I’m not a fan of Groupon unless you’re anxious to get rid of products/inventory you don’t mind taking a big loss on.

The only other scenario Groupon would work is if you have massive profit margins on something only you have to offer.

I urge you to please soak in the video courses we have on Groupon and Deal Selling! They’re chock full of value!🎬

Hopefully you’re feeling better about your own professional foundation, and feel ready to level-up your success soon.

I am completely committed to doing all I possibly can to help you, and we keep as much free as we possibly can.

YOU have to help you in the process too!

If you do your part, I’ll do mine, and you have my word I’ll always be able to count on me to take exceptional care of you and your success!

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