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Event and Gorilla Marketing Magic

My once/month live interactive Zoom mentor session is an example of gorilla marketing.🦍

If you do it just the right way, you’ll get chased around, everywhere you go,  you bring value, and it becomes fun!.

When one of my playful nicknames became “Peter Pan”, that’s when I knew I arrived.

I’m lucky to have gotten to the point in which people follow me around to see what I’m going to say or do next.

This can definitely happen to you, no matter who you are, and no matter what you think…

There’s always an audience who gleans profound value from what you have to give, always!

Also, keep in  mind, if you love horses, bring that into your branding and activities.🐴

If you love cocker spaniels, that include that in your posts, events and networking activities!🐶

Work should work into your life, and it should be fun!

It just sometimes takes time to get into your stride. 

Also, we happen to be in an industry that aesthetics equipment, tools and supplies companies are accustomed to saying “yes” to helping you offset your party costs 💲 if you can fill the room with win-win shared consumers.

Ask, and you shall receive!🙏🏽

All the details behind planning and making an event well-attended and a success is too long for email.

I need to encourage you to soak in a couple videos when you’re ready to get rocking!

🎬Event Marketing Magic Basics

🎬Guerilla Marketing

I really do hope you enjoy them and learn a ton!

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