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Challenge #9 Planning your Website and Event Marketing Basics

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #9

Welcome to my 9th Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge!

As you know, our business is SO based on personal relationships, it’s incredibly important for you to get FANTASTIC at planning and hosting events – and creating relationships that get you invited to be a special guest at THEIR events!πŸ‘Έ πŸ‘‘

Where do you start?


☝️ You have clarity about who your dream audience is, and completely dedicate all your articulations, treatments, offers, your choice of business relationships, to that dream audience.


✌️ You need to make sure what you say, and how everything they see feeds their “book and buy” emotions.


With that said, you HAVE TO give them a “buy journey” or a landing page with clear and compelling CTAs.


Oh no! What’s a CTA?
A CTA is a “Call to Action”
It what your prospects feel and see when you want them to take action!
πŸ˜Žβ™«There’s an art to making your CTA’s compelling and successful!


If you’re a Revelana client, or have us on our monthly creative support service, we are the masters at campaign planning, website and sales funnel design!


Designing this CTA strategy and “buy journey” is too complex for an email.
It’s an art!


A typical Revelana site will feature things like innie outings and outie outings – days of fun crafted in a funny, attention-grabbing way.πŸ‘«

🎯It helps you further clarify your priorities and focus!
Focus, focus, wins every time!


Plus, get CREATIVE when you’re planning events!πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ·β° 🎨 🧨 πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³Β  🧐🎁


Maybe you can get your medical supplies provider or drug company to cover the cost of your printing and offer free demonstrations?


If it goes well, your suppliers will even say yes to ongoing demo days! The more you can create a routine like that the bigger they can get as you keep “BRINGING IT”!πŸ”₯


Have a local hair salon or restaurant bring in treats…ask them what they can “give” too…if they want to attend an event, or have you featured at their event!


Ask your products provider for free samples…get creative!


Look at anyone with a Revelana website. They have innie outings and outie outings – days of fun crafted.πŸ‘«


πŸ’‘The creative ideas can be endless…actually, our team at Revelana LOVES helping you come up with ideas every month!


Take advantage of mentors to level you up!


πŸ›ŽοΈLet us build your website for you, we know what we’re doing! We also have an entire website and CTA automated system for you called Revelana! Check Revelana out. It’ll blow your mind!🀯


The next challenge is coming in 3 days, so keep it moving!πŸ’¨

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