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Challenge #7 Creating your Logo, Branding, and Guerilla Marketing

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #7

Welcome to my 7th Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge!

☝️Nothing is more important than everything we’ve made you figure out, clarify, and create in Challenges 1-6.




How many times have YOU made a buy decision based on branding?
The answer is…🥁🥁🥁…ALWAYS!


Challenge #7 ROCKS!

share your branding with all of us in our private Facebook group, and let the market tell you how kick-a&* your branding is!

💖 When you look at your branding, you should feel excitement in your belly! It should inspire you, and maybe even scare you a little.


🔥 You might feel like “Wow, I’m going to live up to THIS branding now!”


Also, EVERY one of your social channels, your location, your print materials…they should all be using your Hex colors and font(s)…you should be sticking to “brand guidelines” so everything is recognizably you!


THEN, you’ll be ready to guerilla market your way to the top!


Get this challenge done right…it’s vitally important to get it right on the money!!
I’ll be back very soon with the next challenge!


🛎️ ABSOLUTELY either hire us for a small flat fee to help you knock your branding over-the-top!


Once you get massive thumbs up, and your heart is pounding because your branding defines a future you that far exceeded your expectations, get it out there!💃


See you soon!

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