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Challenge #4 Finding Your Magic, Breaking Bad Habits

Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge

Challenge #4

Welcome to my 4th Louology Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge!

You might think we’re beating this topic of finding your magic to death, but I sure hope you totally understand and agree with me that this type of clarity can definitely help you define and capture your dream clients. Your success starts with you and 1,000 decisions you need to make every day.


🦢If you have your “future you” well-defined and you’re using this during your decision-making, it definitely helps you break bad habits and negative cycles of your past!🤯


Who are you? What do you have to give? Will this appeal to and attract your dream client?🧲


Knock this 4th Challenge out right now!

Get it done! I’ll be back very soon with the next challenge!


See you soon!

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