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The key to being an amazing leader

The key to business, to being an amazing leader is all about multitasking! How can you do two things at once but stay focused, with the action items and the goals and dreams and visions and know where you're going…

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Hit that re-start button!

Guerilla marketing is a way you build your business without spending any money! How do we do that, especially with the holidays coming around the corner and we're feeling a little squirmy? Jim Carrey's quote about his definition of depression…

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Do something uncomfortable!

So last week was Halloween - we talked about how with a mask on, we're soaring with confidence, but when we take it off, we've got to learn to go out there and just go for it! The holiday season…

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Embrace your mask & face your fears this week!

This normally comes out Sunday eve, to help you reflect and plan your week ahead, but we didn't want to compete with Halloween! There's profound power behind embracing your mask, embracing your vision for your "future self" and wearing that…

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