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You Ready?!

When times get tough,
the tough get planning!

Welcome to the Crushing It in Aesthetics Challenge!

In addition to access to everything Louology has to offer right away, I will guide you, every week, through special videos and exercises that will have you crushing your goals in your aesthetics career.

Instead of floating around, pay $99/year – get in on the challenge, and get Full Access Inner Circle status!

You’ll also get monthly mentor session with me!

first Wednesday of every month


Ready to finally see the finish line?!

Feel far less nervous to start your journey – baby steps!

Get your social pages and Google biz pages set up ideally

Define your treatment offerings & your lean biz plan

Professionalize your branding & establish your vibe

Set up your company name, domains, and professional email

Get your marketing messaging done

Complete your website copy and planning

You can even get your biz website done and get your business fully automated if you’d like!

When you’re done with the challenge…

You can enjoy full access and mentor support (to me and Louology) for life!

You can redeem a special free starter gift pack of my Loume’ beauty product line.

You can also get 50% off the setup of Revelana ($625 value!), which gets you a website, hosting, and an entire marketing and automation system for your practice for a whopping $97/month!

Revelana is the best-priced way for you to get a website, hosting, security, and a total automation system for your practice!

Are you ready to commit to your success in aesthetics?

Join in on the Crushing it in Aesthetics Challenge and Full Access Inner Circle!

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